Membership Benefits & Types

Membership and Benefits with CEFLI


There are several types of CEFLI Membership opportunities available to organizations. CEFLI Members receive a full range of benefits, depending on their level of membership. These benefits are available to all employees within a company and are described in greater detail below.

CEFLI Member Company
 Available to life insurance companies.

CEFLI Member Company membership allows all personnel at your company comprehensive access to networking opportunities, monthly webinars, benchmarking studies, regulatory interactions, compliance reports and unlimited access to CEFLI’s Website.  CEFLI members also receive free registrations to CEFLI’s Summit Meetings, Compliance Fundamentals Training Conference and CEFLI Regional Forums and enjoy reduced registration and subscription fees for CEFLI's Annual Conference, CCO Leadership Forum and the Annuity Suitability Clearinghouse.


Premier Partners Available to life insurance companies.

Premier Partners receive all the benefits of a Full Member in addition to special recognition of their company on the CEFLI Website and during all CEFLI Webinars and Events.  Premier Partners may participate in the CEFLI Advisory Committee which includes representatives from the NAIC, SEC and FINRA.  Premier Partners also receive free registrations to CEFLI’s Annual Compliance & Ethics Symposium and a free annual subscription to the CEFLI Clearinghouse.

Affiliate Membership Available to organizations that work with the life insurance industry’s compliance & ethics professionals and have a reasonable nexus to the life insurance industry.

Affiliate Members can select from three levels of benefits, allowing eligibility to serve on the CEFLI Board of Directors, participation on the CEFLI Advisory Committee, and a seat on select CEFLI Committees and Working Groups.   Affiliate members also have the ability to co-brand reports or studies, participate in CEFLI webinars and an annual speaking opportunity at a CEFLI Summit Meeting or Symposium depending on the level of membership selected. 

Sponsors/Exhibitors: Available to organizations that work with life insurance industry compliance & ethics professionals and provide a product, service or solution that aligns with CEFLI’s values and ongoing commitment to the life insurance industry.

Sponsors and Exhibitors at CEFLI Events receive targeted opportunities to showcase their products and services before industry compliance and ethics professionals.


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