CEFLI 2019 Annual Conference & Compliance Leadership Forum

September 11, 2019 - September 13, 2019


2019 Compliance & Ethics Benchmarking Survey: Full Report


Compliance Leadership Forum: 
The Foundations of Compliance and Promoting an Ethical Culture

Essential Attributes for a Compliance Leader.

Annual Conference:
A New Generation of Compliance Professionals: New Skills and Data Scientists: How Do We Prepare For the Future?

A New Generation of Compliance Professionals:  Data Scientists

019 Membership Survey Report: Annual Meeting of Members

Concurrent Session #1: NYDFS Regulation 187 Compliance

oncurrent Session #2: Interacting with Regulators

oncurrent Session #3: Complying with Evolving Privacy Requirements

Concurrent Session #4: Compliance Issues with Managing Closed Blocks of Business

Concurrent Session #6: Sales Practices Issues: Rebating, Product Complexity and Best Interest

oncurrent Session #7: Supervision and Oversight of the Field

Concurrent Session #8: Ethics: Sustainability of In-Force Books of Business - An Examination of Ethical Compliance Strategies

Senior Exploitation and Vulnerable Adults

Use of  Big Data: Future Trends and Privacy Concerns

A View of the Future of the Life Insurance Company

Data Governance & New Technologies

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