Upcoming Events

CEFLI 2020 Calendar of Events


For more information on CEFLI events, please contact Mallory Bennett at or (240) 744-3024.





Recent Events

CEFLI will post to this section of the website information concerning recent events so CEFLI members who may not have been able to participate in the event can access relevant information for reference purposes.

Summit Meetings

CEFLI maintains a strong reputation as an organization that provides appropriate forums for regulators and industry representatives to work collaboratively to discuss current marketplace challenges and to identify appropriate solutions.  CEFLI Summit Meetings allow both regulators and industry representatives to learn more about the challenges that are faced in regulating the marketplace and designing appropriate compliance and ethics strategies.


CEFLI is a recognized industry leader in bringing together regulators and industry representatives to provide education and training webinars for the life insurance industry's compliance and ethics professionals.  These educational sessions serve as a useful supplement to life-insurance company professional development programs for compliance and ethics professionals.

Annual Conference

CEFLI’s Annual Conference is designed to bring compliance and ethics professionals, industry experts and key state and federal regulators together to share their expertise, develop solutions and share potential leading practices on the issues their peers have identified as the top compliance and ethics issues facing the industry.

Compliance Leadership Forum

The CEFLI Compliance Compliance Leadership Forum is designed exclusively for compliance professionals that aspire to become Chief Compliance Officers. During the training session current Chief Compliance Officers of life insurance companies will review the issues and skill sets necessary to perform effectively as a Chief Compliance Officer for a life insurance company.

Compliance Fundamentals Training Conference

CEFLI recognizes that life insurance companies and their compliance staff are continually faced with new challenges and new opportunities to develop appropriate expertise.  To meet these demands, CEFLI has developed the Compliance Fundamentals Training Conference to allow compliance staff at all levels to receive training on the key components necessary to conduct life insurance company compliance operations. 

Regional Forums

CEFLI is known as "The Forum That Connects."  CEFLI's Regional Compliance Forums were developed in response to requests from member companies to provide additional opportunities for CEFLI member company compliance and ethics professionals to hold in-person meetings to "connect" with one another to share insights and expertise.

CEFLI Regional Compliance Forums will offer a unique opportunity for open, informal discussions of issues to be determined by the participants in each Regional Compliance Forum.