2016 Ethics

April 26, 2016

Slides | Webinar

Kathleen Edmond - Robins Kaplan LLP
Keturah Pestel - Thrivent Financial

Panelists discuss various strategies for integrating ethics into a compliance+ approach.

CEFLI highlighted the “E” in its name with an educational webinar devoted to Ethics on April 26th.  Faculty members Kathleen Edmond, Partner at the law firm of Robins, Kaplan, and Keturah Pestel, Code of Conduct Program Manager at Thrivent Financial, went beyond the elements of an effective compliance program to encourage participants’ attention on ways to maximize the value of their organization’s ethics program.

Noting the risks of a singular focus on regulatory compliance, Ms. Edmonds advocated a more proactive strategy of engaging employees through question asking and dialogue to embed ethical decision making skills throughout the organization.

Both presenters generously shared personal experiences as well as real-life examples of ethical dilemmas that leveraged teachable moments and led to successful outcomes. 

Participants in the 90 minute webinar learned how to handle difficult conversations and heard how creating a “speak-up culture” contributes to consistent understanding and application of the company’s principles and values.

Ms. Pestel explained Thrivent’s leading edge decision framework tool and walked participants through a gifting decision tree demo, remarking that gifting is often a top ethics question at many organizations.  This practical example of a self-service tool demonstrates the value of improving risk literacy and empowering employees to make good decisions.

During the webinar the interactive Q & A “Chat” tool allowed participants to pose questions to the faculty and have them answered in real time, which you can hear by going to (www.CEFLI.org).  As with all of CEFLI’s webinars, the slides and the audio can be accessed by CEFLI member companies within a week after the webinar on CEFLI’s website (www.CEFLI.org).