Compliance Oversight

October 27, 2015

Regulatory Compliance and Vendor Management:  Keeping Your Friends Close

atthew Gaul
Insurance Regulation, Litigation
D +1 212 398 5835

Meeting Description:
Be a part of it... CEFLI's interactive webinar format!  In this 90 minute time frame, you'll get to hear the most recent strategies for life insurers to effectively manage their compliance relationships with third party vendors. 

Intended Audience:
Life insurance industry professionals in the compliance, legal, risk management, and related business areas impacted by compliance-related topics reviewed as part of CEFLI's Educational Webinar Series.

You can expect the discussion to cover:

  • Common pitfalls associated with compliance oversight of third-party vendors in the life insurance industry: and
  • Creative and actionable best practices for managing compliance and improving relationships with your vendors.

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