The CEFLI Connection

  • The CEFLI Connection, Issue49,  28 April 2017
    In this Issue:
    2017 Ethics Webinar
    CEFLI Publishes Anti-Money Laundering Survey Results
    2017 Compliance Fundamentals Training Conference
  • The CEFLI Connection, Issue 48,  24 October 2016
    In this Issue:
    CEFLI Midwestern and Western Regional Compliance Forums
    CEFLI Publishes 2016 Compliance and Ethics Benchmarking Survey Results
    CEFLI Publishes 2016 Annuity Suitability Survey Results
    Cybersecurity: Legal Landscape and Landmines
  • The CEFLI Connection, Issue 47, 04 May 2016
    In this Issue:
    CEFLI DOL Fiduciary Rule Summit Meeting Convenes Industry Experts to Explore Company Strategy Choices
    Panelists discuss various strategies for integrating ethics into a compliance+ approach.
  • The CEFLI Connection, Issue 46, 22 Feb 2016
    In this Issue:
    CEFLI to Conduct Summit Meeting to Explore the Future of Insurance Regulation
    CEFLI to Publish Electronic Business Processing Benchmarking Survey Results
    CEFLI’s 2016 Educational Webinar Series Off to a Strong Start
  • The CEFLI Connection, Issue 45, 10 December 2015
    In this Issue:
    CEFLI Looks Forward to Another Exciting Year in 2016!
    CEFLI Offers Opportunity for Eastern Compliance Professionals to “Connect” During CEFLI Eastern Regional Compliance Forum
    Electronic Applications, Signatures and Policy Delivery: Regulatory Issues and Operational Challenges Webinar.
  • The CEFLI Connection, Issue 44, 08 October 2015
    In this Issue:
    CEFLI's 2015 Annual Conference
    CEFLI 2015 Midwestern Regional Compliance Forum
    2015 CCO Compliance Leadership Forum Workshop
  • The CEFLI Connection, Issue 43, 11 September 2015
    In this Issue:
    Registration is Now Open for Regional Compliance Forums!
    CEFLI Releases 2015 Compliance & Ethics Benchmarking Study Report.
  • The CEFLI Connection, Issue 42, 27 August 2015
    In this Issue:
    CEFLI Announces Regional Compliance Forums – Midwest – October 6 – Eastern – November 17.
    CEFLI Compliance Metrics Webinar
  • The CEFLI Connection, Issue 41, 2 July 2015
    In this Issue:
    CEFLI Announces Inaugural 2015 Annual Conference and CCO Compliance Leadership Forum Workshop
    CEFLI Privacy & Cybersecurity Webinar
    CEFLI Sends Out its 2015 Compliance and Ethics Benchmarking Survey
    CEFLI Western Regional Compliance Forum "Connects" Compliance Professionals
  • The CEFLI Connection, Issue 40, 8 May 2015
    In this Issue:
    CEFLI Launches Inaugural Regional Forums with Western Regional Forum - June 19 - Newport Beach, California
    CEFLI Publishes Records Management Survey Results
    CEFLI's Second Compliance Fundamentals Training Conference
    CEFLI Conducts Another Successful Unclaimed Property Summit Meeting - Outstanding Faculty Offers Valuable Insights for Attendees
  • The CEFLI Connection, Issue 39, 20 March 2015
    In this Issue:
    Welcome to Kelly Ireland!
    CEFLI Unclaimed Property Summit Meeting V - Chicago - April 22
    CEFLI Releases Annuity Suitability Benchmarking Survey Report
    CEFLI Receives Overwhelmingly Positive Response to its Annuity Suitability Summit Meeting
  • The CEFLI Connection, Issue 38, 22 January 2015
    In this Issue:
    Annuity Suitability Summit Meeting Draws Strong Attention
    CEFLI Replacements Webinar
    CEFLI Releases Annuity Suitability Benchmarking Survey
  • The CEFLI Connection, Issue 37, 19 November 2014
    In this Issue:
    2014 CEFLI Compliance & Symposium Explores Solutions to Today's Compliance Challenges
    Compliance and Operations Team Up to Discuss Direct Sales on CEFLI’s Educational Webinar Series.
    CEFLI Receives Invitation to Participate in NAIC Midwest Zone Meeting
  • The CEFLI Connection, Issue 36, 28 August 2014
    In this Issue:
    CEFLI Receives High Level of Response to its 2014 Compliance & Ethics Benchmarking Study.
  • The CEFLI Connection, Issue 35, 21 August 2014
    In this Issue:
    CEFLI to Host 2nd Annual Leadership Conference for Aspiring Chief Compliance Officers
    CEFLI’s Webinar Series Once Again Covers the Questions that Compliance Officers are Asking.
    Recent Favorable Litigation Decisions for Insurers and Other Unclaimed Property Developments
  • The CEFLI Connection, Issue 34, 11 July 2014
    In this Issue:
    NCOIL Reviews Revisions to its Unclaimed Property Model Law
    CEFLI Invites Feedback for 2014 Compliance & Ethics Benchmarking Survey
    Annuity Suitability Experts Address a Wide Range of Questions. 
  • The CEFLI Connection, Issue 33, 19 June 2014
    In this Issue:
    CEFLI to Host 2nd Annual Leadership Conference for Aspiring Chief Compliance Officers
    Inaugural CEFLI Compliance Fundamentals Training Conference Receives Overwhelmingly Positive Reviews!
    Privacy Webinar Hits Mark with Life Insurance Industry.
  • The CEFLI Connection, Issue 32, 7 May 2014
    In this Issue:
    CEFLI Unclaimed Property Summit Meeting IV Meets with Great Success
    CEFLI's Offers Inaugural Compliance Fundamentals Training Conference
    Records Management Benchmarking Survey to be Distributed to the Industry
  • The CEFLI Connection, Issue 31, 4 April 2014
    In this Issue:
    NAIC and NCOIL to Speak at CEFLI’s Summit Meeting
    CEFLI Continues to be the Source of Timely Information on Unclaimed Property.
    NAIC Holds Inaugural Meeting of its Unclaimed Life Insurance Benefits (A) Working Group.
  • The CEFLI Connection, Issue 30, 10 March 2014
    In this Issue:
    CEFLI Life and Annuity Marketplace Summit Meeting - A Non-Advocacy Forum for Regulatory and Industry Discussion
    Market Conduct Exams Webinar Covers FINRA and State Insurance Issues.
    Companies Ask for More Information on Records Management.
  • The CEFLI Connection, Issue 29, 23 January 2014
    In this Issue:
    The CEFLI Connection Special Edition
    CEFLI to Conduct Important Regulator-Industry Summit Meeting in Iowa – February 26..
  • The CEFLI Connection, Issue 28, 23 January 2014
    In this Issue:
    Benchmarking Survey Confirms Strong Interest in Compliance Metrics Programs
    Compliance Metrics Proves to Be a Hot Webinar Topic!
  • The CEFLI Connection, Issue 27, 21 November 2013
    In this Issue:
    Successful C&E Symposium Addresses Key Compliance and Ethics Issues.
    Unclaimed Property Panel Offers Informative Commentary.
    Annuity Suitability Panel Provides a Broad Range of Leading Practices. 
  • The CEFLI Connection, Issue 26, 10 October 2013
    In this Issue:
    Industry Peers Will Convene to Explore Contemporary Compliance Challenges – CEFLI's 2013 Compliance & Ethics Symposium
    CEFLI's Inaugural CCO Compliance Leadership Forum Draws Strong Reviews
    Regulatory Examiner, Chief Underwriter and Compliance Professional Address Life Insurance New Business Issues.
  • The CEFLI Connection, Issue 25, 12 September 2013
    In this Issue:
    Innovative Training Event for Aspiring Chief Compliance Officers
    CEFLI Releasing Benchmarking Survey on Compliance Metrics.
    Webinar Covers Issues regarding Non Face-to-Face Life Insurance Sales.
  • The CEFLI Connection, Issue 24, 09 August 2013
    In this Issue:
    CEFLI Launches Innovative CCO Compliance Leadership Forum
    CEFLI-PwC Benchmarking Survey Identifies "Hot Topics" in Compliance Over the Months Ahead
    Webinar Gets Into the Details of Companies’ AML Processes.
  • The CEFLI Connection, Issue 23, 15 July 2013
    In this Issue:
    2013 Compliance & Ethics Benchmarking Survey
    Fraud Awareness Webinar Presents Details on Current Fraudulent Schemes
    Leadership Training for Aspiring Chief Compliance Officers – September 16 - Boston
  • The CEFLI Connection, Issue 22, 13 June 2013
    In this Issue:
    Industry, Regulators and Examiners Discuss Unclaimed Property Challenges at CEFLI Summit Meeting
    And Now the Examiner’s Perspective…
    Going Forward…It’s All about the Operations.
  • The CEFLI Connection, Issue 21, 23 May 2013
    In this Issue:
    Early Bird Deadline Expires Friday - Unclaimed Property Summit Meeting III
    CEFLI's ERM/ORSA Summit Meeting
    CEFLI Committees "Connect"
    Communications with the Public, Advertising and Social Media
  • The CEFLI Connection, Issue 20, 08 May 2013
    In this Issue:
    CEFLI's ERM/ORSA Summit Meeting
    Key Members of NAIC ORSA Subgroup Comprise Panel at Upcoming CEFLI Summit Meeting.
    Are Companies Prepared for ORSA?

  • The CEFLI Connection, Issue 19, 27 March 2013
    In this Issue:
    CEFLI's Triple Play Combination
    CEFLI Teams with PwC to Present Timely Webinar on FATCA Regulations.
    Ethics Awareness Month
    Ethics Training Strategies

  • The CEFLI Connection, Issue 18, 07 March 2013
    In this Issue:
    Life Insurance and Annuity Replacements
    Cornell Law School Launches Whistleblower Class
    Compliance Risk Management

  • The CEFLI Connection, Issue 17, 17 January 2013
    In this Issue:
    Suitable Product Sales
    Unclaimed Property
    What's Ahead for 2013?

  • The CEFLI Connection, Issue 16, 06 December 2012
    In this Issue:
    Compliance and Ethics in 2012
    Unclaimed Property Summit Meeting II
    NAIC Fall National Meeting Overview
  • The CEFLI Connection, Issue 15, 28 September 2012
    In this Issue:
    CEFLI will hold its second Summit Meeting on the industry’s hottest topic
    CEFLI’s Advisory Committee Offers Key Insights
    Top Ten List – CEFLI Compliance & Ethics Symposium

  • The CEFLI Connection, Issue 14, 30 August 2012
    In this Issue:
    CEFLI Compliance & Ethics Symposium
    CEFLI opens webinar to the industry
    CEFLI developing Compliance Metrics Benchmarking Survey
  • The CEFLI Connection, Issue 13, 30 June 2012
    In this Issue:
    Annuity Suitability Benchmarking Survey
    CEFLI Board Member Nick Gerhart - Next Commissioner of the Iowa Insurance Division
    Fraud Awareness Webinar - Trends and Current Cases Discussed
    CEFLI Launches Resource Provider Directory
  • The CEFLI Connection, Issue 12, 31 May 2012
    In this Issue:
    SPECIAL EDITION: Unclaimed Property Summit Meeting
    Collaboration with State Regulators Viewed Very Positively!
    Are We Coming to a Crossroad?
  • The CEFLI Connection, Issue 11, 27 April 2012
    In this Issue:
    Unclaimed Property Issues - Focus of CEFLI Summit Meeting
    Compliance and Ethics Committee Examines Market Regulation
    Annuity Suitability Benchmarking Survey Released
  • The CEFLI Connection, Issue 10, 13 April 2012
    In this Issue:
    Unclaimed Property: What is the Possible Impact on the Industry?
    Producer Licensing and Appointments
    Annuity Suitability: Benchmarking Leading Practices
  • The CEFLI Connection, Issue 9, 23 March 2012
    In this Issue:
    C&E Benchmarking Survey Results Released
    2012 CEFLI Ethics Summit Meeting
    Opening Remarks - 2012 CEFLI Ethics Summit Meeting
  • The CEFLI Connection, Issue 8, 16 February 2012
    In this Issue:
    ERM Guidance May Become a Regulatory Requirement
    Will Settlement Serve as Regulatory Template for Unclaimed Property?
    2012 FINRA Exam Priorities
    CEFLI Ethics Summit Meeting - New Ethical Challenges Ahead
  • The CEFLI Connection, Issue 7, 26 January 2012
    In this Issue:
    2012 CEFLI Ethics Summit Meeting
    CEFLI Convenes 2012 Advisory Committee
    Operations, Exams and California!
  • The CEFLI Connection, Issue 6, 12 January 2012
    In this Issue:
    CEFLI - Great 2011 - Better 2012
  • The CEFLI Connection, Issue 5, 01 September 2011
    In this Issue:
    CEFLI/Dewey & LeBoeuf - Life Insurer Directors' Guide - US Federal Sentencing Guidelines
    FINRA/NAIC/CEFLI Social Media Updates
    CEFLI Compliance & Ethics Symposium Preview - Don't Miss it!
  • The CEFLI Connection, Issue 4, 26 July 2011
    In this Issue:
    FINRA finds Issues with Registered Rep's Tweets
    Key Highlights: ACLI C&L Meeting
    Nick Gerhart - Winner of NU Industry Elite Award for Regulatory Advocacy
  • The CEFLI Connection, Issue 3, 05 July 2011
    In this Issue:
    Mid-Year Review Creates Great Industry Dialog!
    So This Is What CEFLI's Been Doing!
    Join us at the ACLI Legal & Compliance Section Meeting!
  • The CEFLI Connection, Issue 2, 10 June 2011
    In this Issue:
    CEFLI, Its Mission and Website - Serving the Life Insurance Industries C&E Professionals
    Choppy Waters Ahead - The Continually Evolving Role of Chief Compliance and Ethics Officers
    Key Considerations in Making Your Ethics Program More Effective
  • The CEFLI Connection, Issue 1, 25 May 2011
    In this Issue:
    Enhancements to Website Bring Forum to Life
    Regulators and Company Experts Weigh In on Compliant Handling
    Ethical Viewpoints from Other Industry's Can Inform Strategies for the Life Insurance Industry