CEFLI will be conducting a webinar to explore strategies to promote “Ethics Awareness Month” (TBA)


CEFLI will be inviting various member company representatives to discuss their strategies to promote ethics within their organizations as part of “Ethics Awareness Month” (TBA).

CEFLI Releases 2017 Compliance & Ethics Benchmarking Study Reports.

CEFLI Releases 2017 Compliance & Ethics Benchmarking Study Reports.

CEFLI’s sixth annual Compliance & Ethics Benchmarking Survey captures data on current compliance and ethics practices from 68 life insurers of varying sizes.

CEFLI is pleased to announce the release of its 2017 Compliance & Ethics Benchmarking Survey.  The Survey examined a broad range of areas including organizational structures, staffing, and budgeting of compliance and ethics departments within life insurance companies, as well as the key issues and challenges currently facing life insurance compliance and ethics professionals.

CEFLI member companies that responded to the Survey have already received an advance copy of the Full Report of the Survey's findings, which contains feedback from 68 life insurance companies of varying sizes presented in a 53 page compilation of all of the Survey data complete with charts and analysis of the results.

An Executive Summary of the Survey's key findings is also available for CEFLI member companies.  Non-member companies that responded to the Survey received the Executive Summary for their participation in the Survey.

CEFLI Publishes Anti-Money Laundering Survey Results

CEFLI has issued its Anti-Money Laundering (AML) Benchmarking Survey Report identifying the current state of life insurers’ AML programs.

The AML Benchmarking Survey was conducted to gather information about the current state of practices with respect to AML, antifraud and the filing of Suspicious Activity Reports (SARs) as part of life insurers’ AML programs.

Overall, the AML Benchmarking Survey report confirms that life insurers are taking appropriate steps to monitor and report suspected financial crimes, and have built robust AML systems that are tailored to their company’s product offerings and distribution systems.

CEFLI Midwestern and Western Regional Compliance Forums

CEFLI conducts Regional Compliance Forums to allow member company representatives to meet one another and to gather informally to discuss current compliance issues identified by the participants in each Forum.

CEFLI Publishes Annuity Suitability Survey Results

CEFLI has issued its 2016 Annuity Suitability Benchmarking Survey Report identifying the current state of annuity suitability practices across life insurers of different sizes and with diverse products offerings and distribution channels.

CEFLI’s third Annuity Suitability Benchmarking Survey gathered significant data from 62 life insurers about the nature and scope of their annuity suitability review process.  The Survey serves as a way to gauge current annuity suitability compliance practices in the life insurance industry and to monitor year-to-year changes which may be important in identifying possible trends and issues for further review.

CEFLI Publishes 2016 Compliance & Ethics Benchmarking Survey

Over 70 companies participate in CEFLI’s fifth Annual Compliance & Ethics Benchmarking Survey, provide insight on practices and trends that may be of interest to the life insurance industry's compliance and ethics professionals and senior management.

CEFLI is pleased to announce the release of its 2016 Compliance & Ethics Benchmarking Survey. The Survey results represent collection and analysis of responses received from representatives of 72 life insurance companies of varying sizes throughout the industry.

The Survey was designed to gauge current practices regarding compliance and ethics-related issues across the life insurance industry. 

CEFLI DOL Fiduciary Rule Summit Meeting Convenes Industry Experts to Explore Company Strategy Choices

CEFLI DOL Fiduciary Rule Summit Meeting Convenes Industry Experts to Explore Company Strategy Choices

The recent release of the US Department of Labor's Fiduciary Rule represents one of the potentially most significant challenges facing the life insurance industry over the past several years.  The Rule's many elements and their impact upon current life insurance company operations has prompted companies to explore a variety of different strategies to address these issues.

The CEFLI DOL Fiduciary Rule Summit Meeting took place at the Mandarin Oriental Hotel in Washington, DC on May 10-11 brought together an outstanding faculty of industry experts to provide background on the key elements of the Rule while also exploring the range of strategic options that companies may be considering to comply with its requirements.

CEFLI’s 2016 Educational Webinar Series Off to a Strong Start

CEFLI’s 2016 Educational Webinar Series Continued with Two Webinars in March

CEFLI was privileged to have Doug Ommen, Deputy Commissioner of the Iowa Insurance Division join Member Company Representatives from American Equity and Athene for our latest annuity suitability webinar. Participants in the March 22nd webinar gained insight into regulatory expectations for information sharing among insurers and Third Party Distributors (TPD) and learned what goes into an exemplary suitability report to senior management.  Read more

On March 16th CEFLI partnered with Gold Level Affiliate Member PricewaterhouseCoopers to deliver a timely webinar on the Department of Labor’s Proposed Fiduciary Standard.  In one of CEFLI’s most attended webinars to date, PwC’s panel of DOL fiduciary rule experts provided an overview of the current status, key provisions and anticipated impact on the compliance lifecycle for insurers and broker dealers. 

CEFLI to Publish Electronic Business Processing Benchmarking Survey Results

CEFLI to issue its Electronic Business Processing Benchmarking Survey Report identifying the current state of life insurer’s implementation of electronic business processes.

During 2015, CEFLI’s monthly Compliance & Ethics Committee (C&E Committee), which is comprised of representatives of CEFLI member companies, raised several questions regarding electronic business processing of life insurance.  The questions raised included:  Do you have electronic business processing capabilities in place? Have you developed electronic processes to take applications, capture e-signatures and deliver policies?  What are the compliance and operational challenges faced and do you think additional regulatory guidance is necessary in order to grow the electronic business processing of life insurance?

CEFLI to Conduct Summit Meeting to Explore the Future of Insurance Regulation

CEFLI conducted its "Widening the Lens - A Discussion of the Future of Insurance Regulation" Summit Meeting to explore the future of insurance regulation at the Des Moines Marriott Downtown Hotel on Wednesday, February 24 in Des Moines, Iowa.

This session was derived through discussions with current and former regulators and company representatives who suggested that it may be appropriate for CEFLI, as a non-advocacy organization, to establish a Forum to examine future marketplace developments and their implications for regulation and compliance activities.

Iowa Commissioner Nick Gerhart provided Keynote Remarks for the meeting.  Commissioner Gerhart has been a "thought leader" with respect to innovations in the insurance marketplace and continues to provide leadership in examining...