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Webinar Description:
As the speed of new business application processing continues to accelerate with a growing focus on a simplified consumer experience, an insurer’s fraud detection controls have become an essential element of the new business issue process.
Join us for an informative presentation regarding one company’s approach to establishing proactive anti-fraud controls. Learn about ways to validate information regarding applicants and insureds, tools to identify potential red flags, how to resolve concerns identified, and how to approach some of the risk associated with the new business application process. Additionally, the webinar will focus on examples of what to look for with new applications, how to spot red flags, and potential steps to resolve concerns.
Intended Audience: 
This webinar is available to CEFLI member companies and free access is available to all employees!  We encourage you to invite others in your company who may have an interest in learning more about this topic.
Suggested attendees for this webinar include:
• Compliance and ethics professionals.
• Individuals conducting SIU/antifraud activities.
• Individuals involved with the review of suspicious new business applications.