Department of Justice Guidance on Corporate Compliance Programs

CEFLI Affiliate Member BrownWinick offers a summary regarding DOJ expectations for corporate compliance programs.

SEC Regulation Best Interest Resources:

SEC Risk Alert: Examinations (Reg BI) April 7, 2020
SEC Frequently Asked Questions


SEC Risk Alert: Examinations (Form CRS) April 7, 2020
SEC Frequently Asked Questions

NAIC Suitability in Annuity Transactions Resources:

The following resources may be helpful to CEFLI members as they prepare to implement the 2020 revised NAIC Suitability in Annuity Transaction Model Regulation in states that have adopted the model.  Additionally, CEFLI has created several summary documents as resources for its members. That content can be found here.

COVID-19 Resources:

CEFLI Affiliate Member Wolters Kluwer provides a complimentary COVID-19 daily email outlining notable financial industry regulatory updates.  Included here is the link to sign up, if you are interested.

The NAIC also maintains a Coronavirus Resource Center on its website.  Included here is a link to the main page of their Coronavirus Resource Center, along with a link to the Life and Health State Bulletins and Alerts spreadsheet compiled by the NAIC.

Links to status of state Governor’s Emergency Orders, from the National Governors Association, can be found here.

Links to state-by-state COVID-19 action tracking summaries (e.g. stay at home orders, travel restrictions, mask requirements, school closures, etc.) from the National Governors Association can be found here.

General NAIC Resources:

The National Association of Insurance Commissioners (NAIC) makes numerous resources available to state insurance department regulators, the public, and to insurance companies. Included below are several NAIC resources that may be of interest or may be helpful to CEFLI member companies. For more information about the NAIC, its publication offerings or its operations, please refer to

Select Market Regulation Information
NAIC Model Regulations
To quickly find specific Model Regulations on the NAIC’s website, click the “Ctrl” and the “F” keys at the same time to access a key word search option. It may also be helpful to know that most Model Regulations include an adoption chart at the end of the model. That chart lists specific citations for state rules and regulations related to the subject of the respective Model Regulation.

• Life and Annuity Buyer’s Guides*
Links to the current NAIC life insurance and annuity Buyer’s Guides are included here:

*Some states require or allow the use of the current NAIC Buyer’s Guides. Other states may require an older version of an NAIC Buyer’s Guide or may require a state-specific version of a Buyer’s Guide.

• Market Regulation Handbook and Examination Standards Summary
The Market Regulation Handbook may be the most comprehensive resource regarding market conduct examinations (link to the Table of Contents). The publication is available for purchase from the NAIC’s Publications Department. Included here is a link the NAIC’s Market Regulation Handbook Examination Standards Summary.

Violent Crime Act
The NAIC developed guidelines to include suggestions for insurers with regard to compliance with the federal Violent Crime Control and Law Enforcement Act of 1994.

Select Administrative Information

The NAIC maintains, and periodically updates, an online directory of the state Insurance Departments. The directory includes contact information regarding select personnel and assignments, by topic.

Insurance Department Resources Report
The Insurance Department Resources Report provides key statistics related to the resources and regulatory activities of the NAIC’s members. Volume I features State Department of Insurance (DOI) budget, funding, revenue, staffing, examination counts, domestic carrier counts, and producer counts. Volume Two focuses on premium data and ratios related to budget, revenue and premium data.

A Regulator’s Introduction to the Insurance Industry
The NAIC created a resource document to help new regulators from outside of the insurance industry understand the business of insurance. While The Regulator’s Introduction to the Insurance Industry is a bit dated, it is exceptionally robust (266 pages) and many of the insurance fundamentals can be a resource to others unfamiliar with the insurance industry or individuals who may be looking to broaden their understanding of the business of insurance.

NAIC Proceedings
The NAIC Proceedings are written record of all NAIC actions, including actions related to model laws and regulations, Committee and Task Force minutes, and reports of the NAIC.

The National Meeting Synopsis is an overview of past NAIC National Meeting activity, interim meetings, task force updates, progress reports, issue debates and new business discussions.