What Happens In-House Stays In-House: Maintaining Attorney-Client Privilege in the Corporate Setting

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Even during a pandemic, work continues for CEFLI Members – perhaps remotely – and the need to maintain confidentiality of privileged communications has never been greater.

Please join CEFLI as it welcomes Ted Holt, Shareholder, and Ashlee Riopka Elrod, Associate, of CEFLI Affiliate Member Maynard Cooper & Gale as they provide an overview of the attorney-client privilege and offer a brief survey of how courts apply the privilege to communications involving in-house counsel.  The webinar will also provide the audience with practical guidance for protecting privileged and confidential communications.

The presentation is appropriate not only for in-house counsel, but anyone who interacts with in-house counsel, including compliance professionals.

The webinar will include hypotheticals involving life insurance compliance personnel and will explore the impact of increased remote working arrangements on maintaining privileged communications.

 Intended Audience: 

This webinar is available to CEFLI Member companies and CEFLI Affiliate Members.  Free access is available to all employees!  We encourage you to invite others in your company who may have an interest in learning more about this topic.

Suggested attendees for this webinar include:

  • In-house counsel.
  • Staff responsible for preparing attorney-client privileged materials.
  • Legal, Compliance and Business staff who have access, or who work with, privileged materials.


  • Registration is open to CEFLI Member Companies and CEFLI Affiliate Members.
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We hope you can join us for an informative presentation.