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The Compliance & Ethics Forum for Life Insurers ("CEFLI") is the new, premier source of compliance & ethics knowledge and information for life insurers. If you are a compliance & ethics professional in the life insurance industry, CEFLI is your connection to valuable insights, tools, professional networks and other vital resources. Membership includes access to an entire portfolio of customized compliance & ethics services calibrated to life insurers' needs.

Summit Meeting

Summit Meeting

The Future of Sales Standards in the Life Insurance Industry

CEFLI recently conducted a Summit Meeting to explore The Future of Sales Standards in the Life Insurance Industry in Chicago. The meeting established an appropriate Forum to bring together life insurance company compliance and ethics professionals, regulatory representatives and industry experts to discuss the impact that evolving sales standards may have upon future compliance practices in the life insurance industry.

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Benchmarking Survey

CEFLI Releases 2017 Compliance & Ethics Benchmarking Study Reports.

CEFLI’s sixth annual Compliance & Ethics Benchmarking Survey captures data on current compliance and ethics practices from 68 life insurers of varying sizes.

CEFLI is pleased to announce the release of its 2017 Compliance & Ethics Benchmarking Survey.  The Survey examined a broad range of areas including organizational structures, staffing, and budgeting of compliance and ethics departments within life insurance companies, as well as the key issues and challenges currently facing life insurance compliance and ethics professionals.

CEFLI member companies that responded to the Survey have already received an advance copy of the Full Report of the Survey's findings, which contains feedback from 68 life insurance companies of varying sizes presented in a 53 page compilation of all of the Survey data complete with charts and analysis of the results.

An Executive Summary of the Survey's key findings is also available for CEFLI member companies.  Non-member companies that responded to the Survey received the Executive Summary for their participation in the Survey.

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Compliance Fundamentals Training Conference


CEFLI will be conducting its 2018 Compliance Fundamentals Training Conference in Nashville Tennessee on May 21-23. 

CEFLI’s Compliance Fundamentals Training Conference is offered as an educational and training opportunity for compliance and ethics professionals that may be new to the life insurance industry or new to the compliance and ethics function within a life insurance company.  This education and training opportunity is offered free of charge to all CEFLI member companies as part of their company’s CEFLI membership.


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