Our Purpose

The Compliance & Ethics Forum for Life Insurers (“CEFLI”) provides a Forum to serve the needs of the life insurance industry’s compliance and ethics professionals. CEFLI is “The Forum That Connects.”

Our History

In 2011, a group of chief compliance & ethics officers identified the need for an organization that could facilitate critical connections and help compliance and ethics professionals stay ahead of the curve in an ever-changing and increasingly complex business and regulatory environment. The CCOs also recognized the tremendous value of having meaningful interactions with regulators in a non-advocacy manner. Accordingly, CEFLI was formed as a nonprofit, non-advocacy organization and it quickly established a unique position in the life insurance industry by promoting collaborative interactions between regulators and industry compliance professionals.

What We Do

As the only non-advocacy organization devoted exclusively to compliance and ethics in the life insurance industry, CEFLI is the premier provider of compliance-related education and training. It is uniquely situated to help life insurance compliance and ethics professionals come together as a community through the offering of a diverse array of educational and networking opportunities that include a blend of in-person and remote opportunities.

What We Offer

As “the Forum that connects” CEFLI offers a unified and singular point of connection for like-minded professionals to share insights and innovative strategies to meet the challenging demands of today’s business and regulatory environment. CEFLI’s professional staff have leveraged over 100 years of combined industry experience, their strong regulatory relationships, and their deep industry connections to make CEFLI the “go to” resource on compliance & ethics matters for the industry.

CEFLI further leverages the value it delivers to its members by partnering with industry professionals, regulators and CEFLI’s Affiliate Members to deliver timely and topical content. Our in-person and virtual (Webex-based) offerings include value-added content and educational opportunities through: