CEFLI Membership perovides you and your company with several valuable benefits including:

  • Non-advocacy regulatory interactions with state and federal regulators.
  • Free access to CEFLI’s educational webinar series available on a live or on-demand basis to supplement your internal training program. The series provides unique insights on emerging compliance and ethics issues and areas frequently reviewed by regulators. Presenters on the webinars include state and federal regulators, company professionals and industry experts.
  • Unlimited access to CEFLI’s website (www.CEFLI.org)for all representatives within your organization. The website serves as a resource library and an online interactive forum.
  • Ability to participate on CEFLI’s online interactive Discussion Boards which establish an “Electronic Forum” to allow industry compliance and ethics professionals to attain immediate feedback from fellow compliance and ethics professionals on selected topics.
  • Free registration to all CEFLI Summit Meetings, providing industry representatives a unique Forum to engage in frank dialogue with state and federal regulators, producers, and consumers on specific contemporary compliance and ethics subject matters.
  • Priority registration at CEFLI’s Compliance & Ethics Symposium. A unique Forum that allows you to hear directly from regulators and share best practices with other life insurance industry compliance and ethics professionals.
  • Benchmarking Studies to remain abreast of current industry trends and provide insights as to how the industry is addressing specific compliance-related operational challenges.
  • Resource Reports, such as white papers and guidelines, to further provide information and insightful approaches to the contemporary compliance and ethics issues within the life insurance industry.
  • A seat on CEFLI’s Compliance & Ethics Committee, a Forum that meets on a monthly basis to identify and discuss key industry initiatives and issues of interest to the life insurance industry’s compliance and ethics professionals.
  • Opportunity to participate on CEFLI Working Groups, these groups allow for the in-depth analysis of specific topics by company professionals who are knowledgeable in this specific area. CEFLI currently has Working Groups addressing Unclaimed Property, Annuity Suitability, Social Media, Fraud Awareness, Advertising and Privacy.
  • CEFLI’s Advisory Committee, a group of representatives from the SEC, FINRA, the NAIC, NAIFA, AARP and CEFLI Affiliate Member organizations which meet on a periodic basis to discuss their observations concerning current marketplace challenges to keep CEFLI and its members fully apprised of potential compliance and ethics challenges that may lie ahead.
  • Affiliate Member Organization expertise.

For more information on CEFLI and how your company can become a member, please contact Mallory Hart: MalloryHart@cefli.org or by phone (240) 744-3024