CEFLI Quick Polls are a convenient way to query CEFLI member companies on topics of interest. These informal Polls allow CEFLI member companies the ability to gain insight regarding industry practices pertaining to current compliance challenges.

Each CEFLI member company has an opportunity to provide insights concerning each Quick Poll.

CEFLI Quick Polls are typically open for three business days allowing those submitting questions for CEFLI Quick Polls to receive timely insights concerning their specified subject matter. The results of CEFLI’s Quick Polls are typically posted to CEFLI’s website the day after a Poll has closed.

The company submitting a Quick Poll request and the companies responding to Quick Poll surveys will remain anonymous.  If you have further questions regarding the Quick Poll survey process, you may contact CarlaStrauch@cefli.orgTo submit a Quick Poll request, please email Carla Strauch: CarlaStrauch@cefli.org detailing your desired questions and response options.  

As a reminder, member company representatives can also submit issues for discussion at meetings of CEFLI’s Compliance and Ethics Committee.  CEFLI conducts meetings of its Compliance and Ethics Committee on a monthly basis and CEFLI members are always welcome to raise questions pertaining to current compliance challenges via that Forum.  If you would like to have a topic added to the next monthly Compliance and Ethics Committee call, please email Donald Walters at DonaldWalters@CEFLI.org

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